Feed  is a winner of the Sunken Garden Poetry Chapbook Award and was published by Tupelo Press in June 2016.

Praise for Feed:

“A collection of poems that shimmer with a kind of linguistic iridescence, their beauty and power rooted in the sheer intensity of the author’s gaze. What Suzanne Parker is willing to see, what she can open with words, invites the reader to a more electric sense of wakefulness.”
— Tim Seibles

“‘Everything is erotic,’ Suzanne Parker proclaims in Feed, where… readers imbibe a steady beat of hunger mingled with desire in gestures that show us how it feels to perceive fully. In bold conversation with Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, and Miró, these poems offer language that crackles with sensuality and immediacy. A lyrical feast.”
— Sharon Dolin

To Buy: https://www.tupelopress.org/auth /sparker


Winner of the Kinereth Gensler Book Award and a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, Viral is a collection of poems written in response to the tragic death by suicide of Tyler Clementi.

Praise for Viral

“I admire poems that quarrel—without preaching or redundancy—with social injustice, with injustice, period. Part outrage, part elegy, these spare and exact poems move me deeply.”   —Thomas Lux

 “Viral, by Suzanne Parker, both embodies and outdistances its form: an extended elegy for Tyler Clementi (the Rutgers student whose privacy was brutally invaded by his room-mate precipitating Tyler’s suicide). It exceeds the elegy form and becomes a shocked, beautifully anaphoric invocation—a hopeless nonstop summons, a call-out to the lost one—to bring him back. These are relentlessly tender, impossibly empathetic poems—which echo and clarify the body of grief— “…the need to pass / through the impassable and land / in a space I fill, exactly.” The emotional tension is unbearable, but sustained, just as the human heart goes on, after unimaginable loss.”   —Carol Muske-Dukes

To Buy: http://alicejamesbooks.org/ajb-titles/viral/



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